does denon work with google home

Does Denon work with Google Home (Ansewred)?

The Google Assistant makes it easy to control music.
Ask Google Home, the Google app, or other devices with Google Assistant built in to control the content on your Denon and HEOS systems. Enjoy better sound with better control. “Works with Google Assistant” is always getting better.

How do I connect my Denon receiver to Google Home ?

Please connect your Marantz/HEOS system and your Google Home device(s) to the same network. Your Marantz/HEOS system should also have the most recent updates for its software and firmware.

1.Get the HEOS app, make a HEOS account, and install your HEOS devices by following the instructions.

2. Go to Settings > My Devices in the HEOS app. Give each device a unique name and try out what works best.

Please remember that the room name from the Google Home app won’t work. You need to use the name of the HEOS device to control it.

For help choosing a name, click here.

3.Open the latest version of the Google Home App.

A. Click on the “+” sign (Add).
B. Under “Add to home,” click “Set up device.”
C. On the Setup page, click the “Link” icon next to “Works with Google” to connect your HEOS account to Google Assistant.
D. On the “Add devices” page, choose “HEOS.” You can also click the “Search” icon in the upper right corner and type “HEOS” to find the HEOS action in the list.

Does Denon work with Google Home
  1. Follow the steps to log in to your HEOS account, and then click “Authorize” to give Google Assistant permission to control your HEOS-enabled devices. You can now choose your HEOS device(s) from the list on your app.

Make sure that your device(s) shows up in the Google Home app. If you need to, you can change the name of a device right from the Google Home app and then use the new name to control the device.

How do I add a receiver to my Google home?

 see this video with instructions on how to connect your receiver  to Google Assistant.

How to Configure Google Assistant Voice Commands in Denon receiver

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